Sea bass mango ceviche (8pc)

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Sea bass mango ceviche - 8 pieces served with sea bass, mango, lime, red onions and tortilla chips

About the Canapés: 

The gentle sound of the waves crashed onto the shore, as a soft sea breeze blew past the beachside restaurant. Sitting on the table was a delicious-looking platter of sea bass mango ceviche - eight small bowls of exquisite flavours, vibrant colours, and delightful textures.

Each bowl contained delicate pieces of sea bass that were perfectly complemented by the sweetness of the ripe mango. The tangy lime juice, thinly sliced red onions, and freshly chopped coriander gave it an extra zing.

The platter also came with a side of crispy tortilla chips, which were ideal for scooping up the ceviche, bringing together all the elements in a beautiful harmony of tastes.

As I took the first bite, the sensation was incredible. The tangy, spicy, sweet and sour flavours all blended in my mouth. The fish was so tender and flavoursome, while the crunchiness of the tortilla chips provided an added layer of texture to the dish.

The sea bass mango ceviche platter was a beautiful fusion of tropical fruits and savoury seafood, resulting in an excellent appetiser that I can never get enough of. It was a truly delicious experience that brought the flavours of the sea and land together in perfect harmony.



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