Tuna Tataki (8pc)

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Tuna Tartar 8pc served with tuna, yuzu ponzu


About the Canapés: 

Our delectable Tuna Salmon Tartar is a gourmet delight for seafood lovers. Comprised of 8 perfectly portioned pieces, this dish offers a beautiful balance of tastes and textures. The tuna and salmon used are incredibly fresh, resulting in a taste that is both rich and subtly sweet. These premium-grade fishes are finely chopped and artistically molded into an inviting presentation.

Each piece of tartar is then delicately placed to ensure the optimum experience in every bite. The delightful raw freshness of the seafood offers a taste of the sea that is both robust and nuanced. The clean and velvety mouthfeel of the tartar makes it an utterly satisfying indulgence.

Our Tuna Salmon Tartar not only appeals to the palate, but also the eyes. The contrasting colors of the ruby-red tuna and the rich orange-hued salmon create a visually stunning dish.

To heighten the experience, this tartar dish is often paired with classic condiments, which further complements and balances the natural flavors of the tuna and salmon.

This is more than just a meal, it's an exquisite experience, combining refined taste with aesthetic appeal. Our Tuna Salmon Tartar 8pc is an ideal dish for those looking to savor the fine flavors of the sea.

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