Truffle Cream Cheese (8pc)

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Truffle Cream Cheese 8pc served with cream cheese, mascarpone, parmesan, truffle


About the Canapés: 

Our Black Truffle Bites are an extravagant gourmet dish that delivers an impressive burst of flavor with every bite. Comprising 8 carefully crafted pieces, this exquisite offering features a blend of some of the most decadent ingredients. At the heart of this dish are rich and fragrant black truffles, renowned for their unique, earthy aroma that transforms ordinary recipes into extraordinary culinary creations.

These truffle bites are perfectly complemented with a trio of luscious cheese. There is the velvety smooth cream cheese that adds a slight tangy richness, perfectly paired with the delicate sweetness of mascarpone that balances the flavors with its subtly sweet and tangy notes. To finish, a generous sprinkle of high-quality parmesan is added for its savory sharpness, intensifying the truffle flavor whilst providing a pleasant, salty contrast.

Each piece is masterfully prepared to ensure the perfect combination of textures; a soft creamy core that gives way to a surprisingly crunchy crust. The irresistible umami taste of the truffle, the luscious cheeses, and a light dusting of aromatic truffle on top make this dish an indulgent treat to your palate. Perfect as a canapé or an appetizer, our Black Truffle Bites with cream cheese, mascarpone, and parmesan are the epitome of luxury dining, designed to impress and delight.

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