Caprese Bites (8pc)

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Caprese Bites  8pc served with dried tomatoes, basil honey oil with olive oil caviar


About the Canapés: 

Our Crispy Burrata 8pc dish is a gastronomic delight that guarantees to thrill your palate. Each serving features eight generous pieces of burrata, an Italian cheese that's decadently rich and creamy, perfectly balanced with a satisfyingly crispy exterior. The soft cheese encased in a thin and crispy breaded coating that seals its delicate flavors creates an incredible texture that will make every bite an unforgettable experience.

These burrata pieces are elegantly served alongside succulent dried tomatoes. These tangy bites provide an incredible contrast to the mild creaminess of the cheese, thereby accentuating the burst of flavors even more.

Dressing this sensational dish is a flavorful drizzle of basil honey oil that adds a sweet and herbaceous nuance to the ensemble. It deepens the flavors of the burrata and dried tomatoes, delivering a remarkable complexity in every bite.

To complete the gourmet journey, the dish is delicately embellished with olive oil caviar, a culinary marvel in itself. These tiny beads of olive oil burst in your mouth, introducing a refined touch of velvety smoothness and the rich aroma of premium olives.

All these elements combined, the Crispy Burrata 8pc dish invites you on a culinary journey of delightful contrasts and extraordinary tastes. Whether you're an avid food enthusiast or just someone with an appetite for exciting new dishes, you will surely find yourself charmed by the outstanding taste of this scrumptious dish.

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