Olive Boquerones (8pc)

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Olive Boquerones - 8 pieces served with boquerones, salat, onions, butter, olives 


About the Canapés: 

As the server brought out the small dish of Olive Boquerones, my taste buds immediately perked up with anticipation. The eight pieces glistened in the light, perfectly coated in a tangy marinade. The smell of the salty anchovy combined with the acidic bite of the vinegar made my mouth water.

Accompanying the boquerones was a colourful salad, sprinkled with fresh onion slices. A generous pat of butter was placed next to the dish, perfect for smearing on the bread slices that came on the side. And of course, no olive-themed dish would be complete without a small bowl of plump olives.

I eagerly grabbed a piece of bread and slathered on some butter, then topped it with a boquerone and a couple of olives. The first bite was heavenly - the crunch of the bread, the buttery richness, and the zing of the vinegar all working in perfect harmony.

As I continued to sample each bite, I couldn't help but marvel at how such a simple dish could pack such a flavour punch. Each ingredient - from the tender anchovies to the salty olives - brought something special to the table.

By the time I finished the Olive Boquerones, I was both satiated and satisfied. It was clear that this was no ordinary starter - it was a masterpiece of flavours that left a lasting impression on my palate.




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