Caprese Lollipops (12pc)

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Caprese Lollipops -.12 pieces served with tomato, mozzarella, basil, balsamico


About the Canapés: 

As the catering team rushed to set up the table for the grand event, I stood mesmerised by the sight of the Caprese Lollipops. A true masterpiece, I couldn't resist taking a bite even before the guests arrived.

I took a deep breath and slowly pulled the wooden stick out of the soft and juicy tomato, the milky white mozzarella, and the fragrant basil leaves. As soon as I tasted the trio, I knew I had stumbled upon something exquisite.

The flavours blended together beautifully, giving my taste buds a dance of sensations. The tanginess of the balsamico elevated the already excellent flavours, creating a melody of notes in my mouth.

I looked at the other members of the team who were also trying out the Caprese Lollipops, and their faces spoke volumes. They, too, were blown away by the deliciousness of this hors d'oeuvre.

As we began setting up the table with the twelve pieces of the Caprese Lollipops, we all agreed that these would be a hit among the guests. And we weren't wrong. Within minutes of the guests arriving, they were already flocking around the table to get a taste of these little gems.

I stood back and watched as they indulged in the Caprese Lollipops, each expression confirming that they too had found something divine. This experience reminded me of how small things can sometimes make a big impact, and these lollipops were proof of just that.



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