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Caesar Salad - 8 pieces served in parmesan cups



About the Canapés: 

The crispy sound of lettuce being chopped could be heard from the kitchen as Chef Isabel was preparing the much-awaited Caesar salad. The restaurant had been busy all day, and everyone had been ordering the special dish that was promised to come in a parmesan cup.

As she tossed the lettuce leaves with the tangy dressing and the perfectly grilled chicken strips, the aroma was overwhelming. She quickly spooned the mixture into eight carefully crafted parmesan cups that she had created the day before, and sprinkled them with shaved parmesan cheese.

She had always been artistic, and each cup was designed in a different way, with a unique pattern of parmesan shavings that would make every dish special.

The restaurant buzzed with anticipation as the plates arrived at the tables, each containing a crispy parmesan cup filled with a tantalising salad. The first bite brought an explosion of flavours as the creamy dressing combined with the smoky flavour of the grilled chicken. The crunch of the lettuce contrasted perfectly with the soft parmesan cups, making it a culinary masterpiece.

As customers marvelled at the dish's presentation, the kitchen staff couldn't help but smile with pride. Chef Isabel had indeed outdone herself, and the Caesar Salad served in the parmesan cups would forever remain a favourite among the patrons.




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