Asia Chicken Salad (8pc)

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Asia Chicken Salad -  8 pieces served in Wan Tan Cups.


About the Canapés: 

The Asia Chicken Salad was unlike anything I had ever tasted before. The blend of exotic spices and savoury flavours danced on my taste buds, tantalising my senses. Each bite was a delightful mix of tender, juicy chicken, crisp greens, and perfectly cooked vegetables, all wrapped up in a crispy, golden-brown Wan Tan Cup.

As I took my first bite, the flavours exploded in my mouth like a firework display. The sweetness of the honey-mustard dressing mixed with the tanginess of the ginger and garlic, creating a perfect balance of flavours that I simply couldn't get enough of.

As I finished each Wan Tan Cup, I found myself craving more. The perfect mix of textures and flavours had me hooked, and I knew that I would be coming back for more. The Asia Chicken Salad had left a lasting impression on me, and I couldn't wait to experience it again.


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