Mediterranean Canapés Plate

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The menu consists of a selection of

  • Sardine Toast 
  • Salmon Rillettes
  • Jamon Bites 
  • Caprese Lollipops 
  • Bruschetta Cups


In the event of an allergy or intolerance, kindly  provide specific details regarding the condition on the request form.


About the Menu:

Imagine yourself relaxing on the deck of a luxurious yacht, sailing across the shimmering waters of the Mediterranean Sea. As you bask in the warm sunshine, you hear a knock at the door of your private cabin. Curious, you rise from your sun lounger and open the door to reveal a crisp white tablecloth draped across a small table, delicately adorned with a selection of mouth-watering canapés.

The fragrance of olives and fish drifts tantalizingly towards you, accompanied by the gentle rustle of the sea breeze. As you glance down at the delicious treats before you, your mouth waters with anticipation.

First, you reach for an olive boquerone, admiring the rich texture and salty flavor of the tender fish and zesty olives. The combination is exquisite, and you savor each delicious bite as the waves rock gently beneath you.

Next, you select a bass mango ceviche, marveling at the freshness and subtle sweetness of the tender fish and tangy mango. The flavors are perfectly balanced, and you feel your senses tingling with delight.

As you explore further, you find a caprese lollipop, bursting with ripe tomato, fragrant basil, and creamy mozzarella. The whimsical presentation brings a smile to your face, and you relish the vibrant flavors.

The tuna bites with pickled onions offer a delicious blend of savory and tart, and you enjoy the delicate crunch of the tender fish and tangy onion.

You follow this with melon wrapped in Serrano ham, the sweet and salty flavors combining perfectly in your mouth, before finishing with a honey goat cheese mousse, a decadent and creamy delight.

Throughout the experience, you appreciate the ease and convenience of having the canapes delivered directly to your yacht, without needing to interrupt your leisurely sailing. And, with the efficient cooling system ensuring that the treats stay fresh and chilled, you enjoy hours of gastronomic pleasure on the deck of your luxurious vessel.

As the sun sets over the sparkling sea, you reflect on the perfection of your stay on board your yacht, enhanced by the unforgettable culinary experience provided by the exquisite canapes.





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